Pedigree of : Moonreed Annabella    
English Springer Spaniel Bitch Owner : Matthew Ager
Date of Birth : 8 April 2004  
Colour : Black & White Breeder : Mark Light
      FTCh Don of Bronton FTCh Burnhatch Soda
    FTCh Badgercourt Druid   Farway Tina
      FTCh Badgercourt Susan FTCh Robbson of Gwinbernant
  FTCh Badgercourt Moss     FTCh Crowhill Spinner
      FTCh Bricksclose Masterpiece FTW Rat-a-Tat
    FTW Badgercourt Colleen   Bricksclose Midi-Too
      FTCh Badgercourt Dusty FTCh Rytex Rex
FTCh Parkbreck Ixora       FTCh Badgercourt Susan
      FTCh Gorst Gester FTW Parkmaple Loganberry
    FTCh Readhead Riley   Gorsty Gruach
      FTW Castlings Delight FTCh Robbson of Gwinbernant
  Parkbreck Jessie     Burnhatch Zest
      FTCh Badgercourt Moss FTCh Badgercourt Druid
    FTW Whitlocks Ling   Badgercourt Colleen
      Rytex Revel Inler's Gruff
        FTCh Rytex Ria
      FTW Bagercourt Gryphon FTCh Brickclose Masterpiece
    FTCh Kenine Robb of Rytex   FTCh Badgercourt Dusty
      FTW Birtenshaw Brmable FTCh Raffle of Rytex
  FTCh Clarburgh Art     FTW Garendon Sally of Drakeshead
      FTCh Windmillwood Shot FTCh Hamers Hale
    FTCh Sunnybrae Siskin   Windmillwood Super Skeet
      FTW Bishwell Susan FTCh Cortman Lane
FTW Surefly Lilly       Pipistrelle Pintop
      FTW Inler's Gruff FTCh Highland Boy
    FTCh Rytex Rod   FTCh Inler Harryslin
      FTCh Rytex Ria FTW Parkmaple Loganberry
  FTW Moonreed Misty     Rytex Renne
      FTCh Badgercourt Moss FTCh Badgercourt Druid
    FTCh Tawnyhill Amy   FTW Badgercourt Colleen
      Judy of Tawnyhill Todd of Lydenvale
        Kensway Slip